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Transformation of the United States of America: gun violence

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The rate in the United States exceeds that of other nations, as gun deaths contribute to disparities between whites and African-Americans, as understanding has been limited because of research funding due to the politics of the new article by Luca et al. First of all we would like to acknowledge gun violence survivors who shared their stories, as the fact is in Florida or Chicago we need to be paying attention to gun death rate. Most remarkable of all is that if the results are correct, almost all gun violence is committed by people with transitory motivation, which is why the question we address, are difficult and we are likely to require better systems of analysis regarding laws. Gun violence dropped in US states, but we still need to have a nonpartisan discussion and look at New York and Texas, as well as the Douglas High School in Parkland where, on February 15 2018 many teachers and visitors died in a country where mass shootings are routine.

We predict that policy change and ballot referenda might result in firearm regulations consistent with the experience in recent years, as the system in the United States already prohibits acquisitions by adults with convictions and those confined due to illness, although the GCA did not require licensed dealers to do much for their eligibility. Gun deaths have had years of decline, but lately CNN stated that homicides involving guns have new data regarding gun deaths: during 2015-16, 44,955 people used a gun to kill themselves, so researchers looked at homicides from 2012-13 in the 50 most populous metropolitan areas. The U.S. gun death rate means that over 36,000 people are killed and 100,000 more are injured, so America is a nation of survivors from gun violence– whether a person was threatened or had someone they care for killed.

The debate rages on with no sign of progress, just like a Greek tragedy, plodding to doom, while the National Rifle Association shows no interest in the gun epidemic beyond and liberals’ dishonesty pleads for background checks effective at reducing domestic shootings but not the mass shootings. Today it’s a higher rate, with 4.9 people per 100,000 killed, an increase from 2012-13, when the rate was 4.1 per 100,000, but the rates vary by city, as there’s a higher chance of being killed in New Orleans than in Rhode Island. A recent poll estimated that American adults or someone they care for do not talk enough about the many forms of violence, as it can also affect communities which bear direct costs such as lost income or by lowering property values and reducing jobs, associating with higher violence.

FBI show active mass shooters older than 35, white and men, like the white shooter who murdered in Las Vegas, so we can keep on quarreling or we can start looking for approaches that might be more hopeful. Nationally, the new report notes that for children, guns were used in more homicides, while men were most often the victims, accounting for 85% of deaths.

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