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California‘s Constitutional Law and Amendments

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The Constitution of California describes the powers and functions of California, and the original one was drafted by delegates on August 1, 1849 at the Constitutional Convention, while voters approved it on November 13, preceding California’s Admission to the Union by almost ten months. California judges have interpreted the decision into a near-nullity and the […]

Bearing arms debate: Challenges in the United States

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This article examines constitutional law which serves to accentuate what Robert Bellah referred to as the Civil Religion in 1967 throughout the evolution of the nation through an institutional authority. One of the most divisive issues is being brought to the fore, so what is the basis for the key events which start with the […]

Transformation of the United States of America: gun violence

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The rate in the United States exceeds that of other nations, as gun deaths contribute to disparities between whites and African-Americans, as understanding has been limited because of research funding due to the politics of the new article by Luca et al. First of all we would like to acknowledge gun violence survivors who shared […]

US finally decide on the Rights to carry Guns?

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In 2010, cities could not abridge the right to possess a handgun for self-defense, so lower courts assumed that the right applies in the home, but on Tuesday, a New York City law might extend the Second Amendment out into the streets, striking down restrictions on the carrying of firearms. U.S. Supreme Court takes a […]